SB450M SB480M PVQ Steel Plate Chemical Composition

Grade C Si Mn P S Mo
SB450M ≦0.18 0.15-0.3 ≦0.9 ≦0.035 ≦0.04 0.45-0.6
SB480M ≦0.2 0.15-0.3 ≦0.9 ≦0.035 ≦0.04 0.45-0.6

Pressure vessel steel, the implementation of technical standards for JISG3115, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power station, boiler, etc, used to make the reactor, heat exchanger, separator, spherical tank, liquefied gas, nuclear reactor pressure vessel, boiler steam drum steam, liquefied petroleum, hydropower station, high pressure pipe, spiral case and other equipment and components.

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