ASME SA537 Class 1 Carbon Steel Plates PVQ Steel

ASME SA537 Class 1 carbon steel plates are produced for use in pressurised service and are commonly used in the fabrication of industrial pressurised vessels and boilers.


Class 1 plates are provided in normalised condition and are heat treated – as a result, the material displays greater yield and tensile strength than the more standard ASTM A516 grades. GNEE supplies ASME SA537 Class 1 plates to the world’s leading fabricators serving the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry. The material is used in a variety of applications including pressurised tanks and heat exchangers.


A537 Class 1 Steel Plate Grade and Specification

Grade A516 Gr.60, Gr.65, Gr.70,P235GH, P265GH, P295GH, P355NH,P275NH, P355NL1, P355N, A537 Plates, A537 Cl.1, A537 Cl.2
Size Thickness: 8-100mm,Width: 1500-3500mm

Length: 3000-18000mm

Export To Saudi arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa,South America,Brazil, India, Australia, Egypt.


A537 Class 1 Steel Plate Properties

Chemical Properties Of A537 Class 1 Steel Plate

 Element  Thickness  Composition (%)  Note
 Carbon (max)  0.24 A, B
 Manganese  40 mm and under  0.70 – 1.35 A, C
 40 mm and under  0.64 – 1.46 B, C
 Over 40 mm  1.00 – 1.60 A, C
 Over 40 mm  0.92 – 1.72 B, C
 Phosphorus (max)  0.035 A, B
 Sulphur (max)  0.035 A, B
 Silicon  0.15 – 0.50 A
 0.13 – 0.55 B
 Copper (max)  0.35 A
 0.38 B
 Nickel (max)  0.25 A, C
 0.28 B, C
 Chromium (max)  0.25 A
 0.29 B
 Molybdenum (max)  0.08 A
 0.09 B


Mechanical Properties Of A537 Class 1 Steel Plate

Mechanical Property  Value
Tensile Strength, MPa (ksi) 485 – 620 (70 – 90)
Yield Strength, min MPa (ksi) 345 (50)
Elongation min, % 200 mm (8 in) 18
Elongation min, % 50 mm (2 in) 22



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