Q245R boiler and pressure vessel steel plate

Product Description
1, Grades:(S)A203D, (S) A203E, (S) A204M (GrA,B,C), (S)A285M(GrA,B,C), (S)A299M(GrA,B), (S)A302M(GrA,B,C,D), (S)A387M(Gr11,12,22), S)A515M(Gr60,65,70),(S)A516M(Gr55,60,65,70), S)A533M(TYA,B,C,D,CL1,2,3), (S)A537M(CL1,CL.2),(S)A573M(Gr58,65,70), (S)A612M, (S)A662M(GrA,B,C), (S)A737M(GrB,C),(S)A738M(GrA,B,C), SB410, SB450, SB480, SPV235, SPV315, SPV355, SPV410, SPV450, SPV490,SGV410, SGV450, SGV480, SBV1A, SBV1B, SBV2, SBV3, P235GH, P265GH, P295GH, HII, P355GH, 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5, 16Mo3,10CrMo910,15Mo3, 13CrMo44,19Mn6,10CrMo9-10,11CrMo9-10,Q245R, Q345R, Q370R, 15CrMoR, 12CrlMoVR, 12Cr2Mo1R, 14Cr1MoR, 13MnNiMoR,13MnNiMoNbR, 18MnMoNbR, 16MnDR, 09MnNiDR, 15MnNiDR, 12MnNiVR, 07MnCrMoVR, 07MnNiMoVDR, 20MnMoR, 20MnMoNi55, BHW35, 13MnNiMo5-4, KP42,1Cr0.5Mo, 2.25Cr1Mo, 1.25Cr0.5Mo, A48CPR, A42, A52, A48, 20MnHR, 20HR, 16MnHR, 161G430 

2, Adopting Standards: ASTM, ASME, JIS G3103, JIS G3115, JIS G3119, JIS G3124, DIN 17155, EN10028, GB713, GB3531,GB,WYJ, QB, WYJ002-2005

3, Specification (T*W*L): 6–650 mm* 1500-4800 mm * 3000–27000 mm

4, Delivery State: TMCP, Q&T, N, AR, CR, A, Q and N&T

hot-rolled, controlled rolling, normalizing, annealing, tempering, quenching, normalizing plus tempering, quenching and tempering and other delivery states are available.

5, Tests: HIC, SSC, SPWHT, Macrostructure, detection of defects, Hardness and DWTT test for pipelines steel plates are also available.

6, Other Services: Flaw-Detection, Flaw-Detection Grade1, Flaw-Detection Grade2, Cutting, Welding, Z15, Z25, Z35, Qt, N, Q, A, Sand Blasting, Painting and so on.

7, Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sight.

8, Trading Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR or CNF

9, Delivery Time: 20-40 days

Product Feature
Grade: A-283 GR.C 

Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS

Application / Models
Widely used in petrochemical industry, energy industry, scientific research and war industry


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