18MnMoNbR Pressure Vessel Steel plate

GB713 18MnMoNbR Boiler steel plate,GB713 18MnMoNbR Pressure Vessel Steel plate, GB713 18MnMoNbR Storage Tanks Steel plate. GB713 18MnMoNbR Heat Exchanger Steel Plate .
Product Feature
18MnMoNbR Adopt standard: GB/T 713 Standard Specification for boiler and pressure purposes, technical delivery condition and non alloy, alloy steels with specified elevated temperature properties.

18MnMoNbR Specification: 
Thickness: 5mm to 200mm;

Width: 1500mm to 3500mm;
Length: 3000mm to 27000mm.

Application / Models
18MnMoNbR Delivery Time Or Lead Time: 20-35 days.

1. 18MnMoNbR Extra Service: Pretreatment (Shot Blasting, Sand Blast, Painting and Galvanized), Cutting Parts, Sample Service, Third Party inspection, UT Test and Size inspection. 

2. If you have any requirement in steel plate for 18MNMONBR, whether the new plate or stock list of material, please feel free to contact us by email of calling. 

3. If you had any question at our plate or service. Please contact our after service department to get faster reply. 


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