ASTM A537 CL3 steel plate

ASTM A537 CL3 steel plate

ASTM A537 CL3 steel plate/sheet,ASTM A537 CL3 steel plate/sheet, under ASTM standard, we can regard A537 CL3 steel plate/sheet for simple pressure vessels steel.

A537 Class3 carbon steel plates are engineered to be used in pressure vessel applications.Steel plate A 537 CL3 is a quenched and tempered steel material, the same with A 537 CL2 in heat treatment.Although the A 537 CL3 only yields strength lower than A 573 CL2, the two grade have a little different in price. A 537 cl3 quenched and tempered temperature is 620, and A 537 cl2 is 595.

A537 Class3 chemical composition

Grade C Si Mn P S Cu Ni Cr Mo
A537CL3 0.24 0.13-
0.035 0.035 0.38 0.28 0.29 0.09

A537 Class3  mechanical properties

Grade Thickness
Yield strength
Min [MPa]
Tensile strength
  A537Cl3 8-65 380 550-690 22
66-100 345 515-655 22
101-150 275 485-620 20

A537 CL3 is under the ASTM standard. There is another material, SA537CL3. SA537CL3 steel is the steel grade in ASME standard. ASME SA573 CLASS 3 steel is also used in pressure vessels. ASME SA537 CL 3 delivery condition is Q&T, means Quenching and Tempering .


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