P265GH pressure vessel boiler Steel Plate

P265GH pressure vessel boiler Steel Plate

16MO3 P265GH P355GH China Mill 20mmx2000x6000mm Thick pressure vessel boiler Steel Plate and Vessel Steel Sheet chemical composition and technical property:

Standard  Grade C max Mn max Ti V Si max P S Yield strength min Tensile strength Elongation%
EN10028 16MO3 0.20 0.9 0.3 0.02 0.035 0.025 0.015 210MPA 470-650MPA 22
EN10028 P235GH 0.23 1.70 0.3 0.05   1.00 0.015 0.015 170MPA 340-480MPA 24
EN10028 P265GH 0.23 1.70 0.3 0.05 1.00 0.015 0.015 185MPA 390-530MPA 22
Thickness: 8mm-300mm, width: 1800mm-4300mm, length: 6000mm-15000mm
Fabrication: cutting by drawing, cutting to any size customized size
Processing: Machining, welding, cutting, drilling holes, bending, galvanizing. painting

materials can be produced:

Carbon steel plate A283GR.C/GR.D, ASTMA36, A573GR.58, A573GR.65, A573GR.70. SS400, SM400A, SM400B. SM400C, S235JR, S235J0, S235J2, S275JR, S275J0, S275J2, S275N, S275NL, S275M, S275ML, 250, 250L0, 250L15, Q235A/B/C/D, Q275A/B/C/D,
Low Alloy steel plate A572GR.50, A572GR.60, SS490, SM490N/NL, S460N/NL, S355M/ML, S420M/ML, S460M/ML, S500Q/QL/QL1, S550Q/QL/QL1,S620Q/QL/QL1, S690Q/QL/QL1, S355G8+N, 350, 350L0, 350L15, Q345A, Q345B, Q345C, Q345D, Q345E, Q390A, Q390B, Q390C, Q390D, Q390E, Q420A, Q420B, Q420C, Q420D, Q420E, Q460C, Q460D, Q460E, Q500C, Q500D, Q500E, Q550C, Q550D, Q550E, Q20C, Q620D, Q620E, Q690C, Q690D, Q690E, 890D, Q890E,Q960D, Q960E, XGCFQ500D, XGCFQ500E.
General Strength ship plate, high strength ship plate, ultra high strength ship plate

A,B, C, D, E, A32,D32, E32, F32, A36, D36, E36, F36, A40,D40, E40, F40, A131A, A131B, A131D, A131E,

AH32, DH32, EH32, AH36,DH36, EH36, AH40, DH40, EH40, NVA420, D420, E420, NVA460, NVD460, NVE460,NVA500, NVD500, NVE500, NVA550, NVD550, NVE550.

Ship pressure vessel plate

NV360, NV410, NV460, NV490, NV510, LR360, LR360FG, LR410, LR410FG, LR460FG, LR490FG, LR510FG,

Bridge plate

Q235QC/D/E, Q345QC/D/E, Q370QC/D/E, Q42QC/D/E, Q460QC/D/E, Q500QD/E, Q550QD/E, Q620QD/E, Q690QD/E, A709-50T-1/50T-2/50T-3/50F-1/50F-2/50F-3, A709-50W-A/B/C-F1/F2/F3-T1/T2/T3

Boiler pressure vessel plate Q245R,Q345R,Q370R,15CrMoR,18MnMoNbR,13MnNiMoR,

12Cr1MoVR,12Cr2Mo1R,14CrMoR,16MnDR,09MnNiDR,15MnNiDR, 07MnCrMoVR,07MnNiCrMoVDR/12MnNiVR, Q245R, Q345R, 16MNDR.P235GH,P265GH,P395GH,P355GH,16Mo3, P275NH/NL1/NL2, P355N/NH/NL1/NL2, P460NH/NL1/NL2, P355M/ML1/ML2, P420M/ML1/ML2,P460m/ml1/ml2, P355Q/QH/QL1/QL2, P460Q/QH/QL1/QL2, P500Q/QH/QL1/QL2,P690Q/QH/QL1/QL2, 10CrMo9-10, 11MnNi5-3, 13CrMo4-5, 13CrMoSi5-5, 13MnNi6-3, 18MnMo4-5, 20MnMoNi4-5.



(S)A299Gr.A/Gr.B,A302Gr.A/Gr.B/Gr.C/Gr.D, A387Gr.2/Gr.11/Gr.22. ASTMA455

(S)A515Gr.60/65/70, (S)A516Gr.55/60/65/70, (S)A516Gr.60(HIC), (S) A516Gr.60(R-HIC)



(S)A537CL.1/CL.2/CL.3, ASTMA612,


(S)A737Gr.B/Gr.C A738Gr.A/Gr.B/Gr.C


SB410,SB450,SB480, SB450M/480M, SEV245/295/345, SBV1A/1B, SBV2/3, SGV410/450/480,SPV235/315/355/410, SPV450/490, SQV1A/1B/2A/2B/3A/3B

High-rise Building Plate Q235GJB/C/D/E. Q345GJB/C/D/E,Q390GJC/D/E, Q420GJC/D/E, SN400A/B/C, SN490B/C

 Pressure vessel steel plate


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